Christmas interior arrangements using wood

Christmas interior arrangements using wood

Christmas is an excellent opportunity to stimulate our creativity mainly in the culinary context in the form of preparing various and sophisticated dishes, arrangements of the Christmas table, but also for thoughts related to the general interior design. Concepts that we reach for in this period often refer to natural materials, warm colors and perfectly harmonize with textiles and other accessories present in these interiors. Ideas for the decor, in which there is a noticeable Christmas note in the finish will guarantee a harmonious, consistent and full of family warmth inside, in which we will spend time for many years.

The element that makes every living room and dining room stand out is certainly the wooden floor, on which we focus our attention first. In addition to its basic utility function, it additionally optically enlarges the surface, is a kind of background for furniture, and the exterior structure of the board with its remarkable finish adds elegance and sophistication. The recommended species that evoke the warmth of a family bonfire can certainly include oak wood, ash – both in a natural finish as covered with a bright patina, but also exotic kosipo with mahogany, extremely warm color. All mentioned species are so universal that depending on the additions – decorative elements – they can bring the interior into a completely different atmosphere.

Native wood species as well as African ones work great with red and green – traditional Christmas accents in the form of spruce twigs, a thriving star of Bethlehem against a background of snow-white tablecloths that dominate our tables. Invariably, the natural wood is also beautifully presented in combination with white, silver and gold – extremely fashionable colors of the Christmas period in a more modern edition.

Usually Christmas reigns in our homes from the threshold and stimulates our senses. Bleached wood on the stairs – especially oak and ash during Christmas – gains a new face, like wood covered with white fluff. This finish definitely illuminates the interior, emphasizing the openness of space. White is also a “safe” color, and in this unique period on a white background, every colorful accent acquires power. Do not forget that the color of the light which reflecting from the wooden floor and the stairs of light – both artificial light and natural, as well as candles has a very special hue and gives it shine.
Undeniable charms of wood – a variety of forms and structure, colors, as well as properties make the Christmas spent in its surroundings can not be warmer!

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