Perfect stairs and floors at your fingertips from Wroclaw

Perfect stairs and floors at your fingertips from Wroclaw

Almost everyone from Wrocław knows to a greater or lesser extent the “shop” topography of the capital of Lower Silesia. Wroclaw’s shopping mall is dominated by modern shopping centers, among which furniture showrooms and DIY stores play an important role. However, it turns out that the regional market in its commercial offer does not differ from the Wrocław one, which we can see on the example of the unique, exclusive salon of stairs, floors and interior elements of the company “Marchewka” located in Piotrowice, 30 km west from Wroclaw.

Important facts from the life of the company “Marchewka”

The company “Stairs – Floors – Interiors Marchewka” has been operating on the market for over 30 years. It was a precursor in the use of bent elements in stair woodwork and revolutionized the market of a wooden floorboard. The brand, recommended by many Polish architects, including the Eagle of Polish Design and the Pro Futuro award, has been successful not only in Poland but has been winning the trust of clients from all over the world for many years. Invariably, the owner of the company, Stanisław Marchewka, takes care of the highest quality of production, which coordinates the work of its almost one hundred-person team in a precise and effective way.

What offer is waiting for customers in the Marchewka salon?

The exhibition showroom “Marchewka” is located just behind Kąty Wrocławskie and the fastest way to get to it is by taking the A4 motorway and continue to the exit to Kąty Wrocławskie or Kostomłoty. Wooden stairs Wroclaw has been a huge area of the production plant in Piotrowice for many years. The two-storey building is a representative showcase of the company, in which customers can admire wooden floor boards, several different storeys of stairs, wooden doors, chairs and tables, wooden ceilings and other wooden elements of interior design.
In the salon there are exposed carpet, curly or fan-shaped stairs with self-supporting structures and concrete coverings – each floor made of a different type of wood. Customers can also choose a type of balustrade on the spot, including wooden balustrades (balusters, ribbon, carved) made of wrought iron or glass. In the Marchewka showroom, you can also choose the wood of the floorboard, which is offered in more than ten species of wood with a rich range of finishing options. Customers can see domestic and European wood such as ash, oak, sycamore and hornbeam as well as many species of exotic wood – including teak, kosipo or bodo.
In Piotrowice products that are also waiting for customers are unique tables (with wooden table tops, with root legs), wooden coffers, fully wooden ceilings, carved wood paneling or unique arched door in terms of craftsmanship.
In the headquarters in Piotrowice – the main salon of the company, you can familiarize yourself with the product with the certainty that the individual offer will meet your wildest expectations. People from central Poland can get acquainted with the Marchewka offer ” in the “Luxury Interiors” salon in Raszyn at Krakowska 94 alley.