The bleached oak as an ideal proposal for a Shabby Chic style bedroom floor

The bleached oak as an ideal proposal for a Shabby Chic style bedroom floor

Inspired by Provence and Tuscany, the Shabby Chic style started in Great Britain, and it uses old or aged furniture and other elements of interior decoration in the design and arrangement of living and utility spaces. The effect of “forgotten interior” it’s purposeful, but it is far from chaotic, and above all focuses on the extraction from the inside of the soul. What floorboard will be the ideal proposal for covering the living room or bedroom floor made in the Shabby Chic style?

A characteristic feature of this style are all kinds of “blobs”, irregularities and cracks, and among the colors definitely dominate pastels and white. Furniture that are best found in Shabby Chic interiors are cupboards, chests of drawers, serviettes, display cabinets, and sofas in the Ludwikowski type. In addition to typical additions like clocks, photo frames, tablecloths, wallpapers or mirrors, the most important and most visible element is the floor. The bleached oak floor board is one of the proposals for covering the floor ideal for this idyllic style. It perfectly fits with bright furniture, on which layers of paint pass through.

Signs of passing time will emphasize the brushing and patination on the board, which are one of the finishing options for the floorboard in the company “Stairs – Floors – Interiors Marchewka”. The desired effect of the board “found in the attic” will also give a manual stylization of the oak and highlight some of the natural irregularities and knots of this wood. The bleached oak floor board as well as bleached ash are available in widths from 16 to 35 cm and thus it will be a good choice in the device both inside the smaller apartment as well as the magnificent house.

Looking at the chemical angle, oak consists mainly of cellulose, hemicellulose, Linin, tannins and mineral substances. Its density in the dry state is between 390-930 kg / m³, which qualifies for moderately heavy wood, resistant to mechanical damage. Thus, the oak floorboard in the interior of Shabby Chic will not only look beautiful, but will remain durable and functional for a long time.

MP 61 f 200x300 - The bleached oak as an ideal proposal for a Shabby Chic style bedroom floor