Wooden floor at home of allergy sufferer

Wooden floor at home of allergy sufferer

Wooden floor at home of allergy sufferer

blog - Wooden floor at home of allergy sufferer

Allergy is a civilization disease that affects more and more children and adults. In the fight against it, it is not only pharmacological treatment, but above all a proper lifestyle – including the use of materials from which the patient’s home is made of . When choosing finishing and decorative materials, it is worth to put on natural solutions.

The raw material from which the floor was made is very important. It has been assumed that in the home where the allergic person lives, carpets and covering should not be laid. It is worth choosing smooth surfaces that are easy to keep clean. Persons suffering from allergy and their relatives usually choose ceramic tiles, stone tiles or panels. However, the best solution will be a wooden floor.

What does a wooden floor mean?

Wood on the floor is easy to keep clean. It’s enough to vacuum and wash the surface with water and the addition of a suitable cleaning agent, so as not to worry about residual allergens, especially house dust mites. Wooden floors are antistatic, they do not electrify, do not attract dust. The size of the board is very important, the wider and longer the board is, the less joints will be in which dust can accumulate. For this reason, a plank floor will be a better choice than a parquet floor. We offer our clients boards of up to 9 m in length, the largest available length on the market.

Wood has one more important advantage, unlike pottery or stone, it warms the interior. Deciding on a wooden floor, it will be easy to give up covering it by rugs.

Exotic wooden floors have many advantages. They are beautiful, very durable and give the rooms a unique character. However, the native Polish wood will be a better choice for the home where the allergic person lives. Boards of exotic wood, especially those of hard species, often contain essential oils. These substances may sensitize people who are particularly sensitive. If the client wants an antiallergic floor, we usually recommend boards from our Polish trees. Oak or ash floors are especially recommended. They will be extremely durable and resistant to abrasion. The final choice can be made dependent on your own taste and character of the interior.