Construction: openwork with stringers, without risers
Balustrade: two ribbons
Wood: anzem

MS-21 model of stairs, produced by the company “Marchewka Stairs – Floors – Interiors” was made of exotic wood anzem. The tree from which this raw material is obtained comes from Africa. The material has an interesting and deep color. It is a rusty color that turns into bronze. It is also worth emphasizing that it is:

  • hard wood,
  • resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage.

These stairs are a ribbon model with a stringer, openwork construction. This construction is very stable and safe. Steps were placed between two supporting stringers. With these stairs perfectly fits the ribbon balustrade, made entirely of anzem wood.

Spiral stairs are especially recommended for small houses or apartments. They work very well in rooms with limited space, where there is no space for a staircase. This type of stairs is also a perfect complement of living room. The stringer structure is also very light and does not overwhelm the room.

We adjust the size of the stairs to the individual needs of our clients. The order implementation takes 5 months.


Piotrowice 125
55-311 Kostomłoty