Construction: tread-riser, ZETA type
Balustrade: stainless steel with wooden handrail
Wood: hornbeam

MS-39 stairs, made of wood, are a model for people who like interesting arrangements.

The stairs, designed by the company “Marchewka Schody – Floors – Interiors” were made of the highest quality, carefully selected hornbeam wood. This kind of raw material is sometimes referred to as “iron wood”. Hornbeam is:

  • abrasion-resistant material, which is important while using wood,
  • it is also a very elastic material, which is important when processing wood.

The model of wooden stairs MS-39 has a ZETA tread-riser structure, colloquially called “carpet stairs”. It is a very light form that perfectly emphasizes the beauty of hornbeam wood. This form requires a lot of knowledge about raw material and precision of workmanship. With this construction perfectly harmonious balustrade – a combination of precious steel and a wooden handrail.

The MS-39 stairs model will be a beautiful complement to spacious, bright interiors.

We adjust the size of the stairs to the individual needs of our clients. The order implementation takes 5 months.


Piotrowice 125
55-311 Kostomłoty