Construction: stairs on concrete
Balustrade: forged, artistic blacksmithing
Wood: dark oak, white painted oak

Wooden stairs MS-83 ​​made by the company “Marchewka Stairs – Floors – Interiors” are a model addressed to those customers who are looking for extraordinary interior design elements, giving them an interesting character.

This model of wooden stairs is made of very high quality oak. This raw material is distinguished by the fact that it is:

  • relatively easy to maintain,
  • it works great in houses where children live,
  • known for its resistance to dirt and scratches.

The stairs were made of dark-stained oak. They were combined with the same raw material but dyed white.

The construction of MS-83 ​​stairs was put on concrete. This construction is very stable. It is worth remembering that a concrete screed must be made before choosing a model of stairs. It may happen that before puting wood on concrete, some steps require forging or adding concrete to them. This is due to the fact that the steps are badly spilled or there is a large difference in size between them. This is an example of artistic blacksmithing.

The MS-83 ​​wooden stairs will certainly look great in bright rooms where white and beige dominate. Dark oak wood will be an accent distinctive and complementary interior design.

We adjust the size of the stairs to the individual needs of our clients. The order implementation takes 5 months.


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