Construction: stairs on concrete, ZETA type
Balustrade: forged, artistic blacksmithing
Wood: American walnut

MS-85 wooden stairs manufactured by the company “Marchewka Schody – Floors – Interiors” are a combination of precious wood with a raw concrete structure.

Treads and risers in this model were made of carefully selected American walnut. It is a hard and very durable type of wood. American walnut is very elastic and suitable for bending after hydrothermal treatment. The steps were mounted on a stable and massive concrete structure. Elegant wood with a vivid color fits very well with the ascetic appearance of concrete.

Model MS-85 is a ZETA type staircase, otherwise known as carpet stairs. In this type of stairs there is no need to use stringer beams. The structure is fixed directly to the pillars and walls. The forged balustrade perfectly harmonizes with the minimalist form of stairs. The geometric pattern combined with a wooden handrail is an example of artistic blacksmithing.

The stairs MS-85 is a proposal primarily for lovers of simple forms. It fits well to economical and minimalist interiors.

We adjust the size of the stairs to the individual needs of our clients.



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