Type: bathtub casing
Wood: kosipo
Finish: semi-matt varnish

The wooden MW-15 casing of the bathtub is a perfect proposition for people who want to add a bit of nature into their bathroom.

The MW-15 bathtub caasing from “Marchewka Schody – Floors – Interiors” was made using carefully selected exotic kosipo wood. The company makes every effort to ensure that the material used for the production of interior design elements, floors and stairs is the highest quality raw material.

Kosipo wood is a very good choice for rooms with elevated humidity. It is exotic wood which:

  • contains tannins and resin – natural preservatives,
  • it has essential oils that additionally protect the color,
  • it also stands out because it is dense and hard and does not absorb water.

Despite the special properties of wood, remember to take care of it properly – remove dirt and excess water.

Kosipo is also liked because of its unique, deep color, which in the the MW-15 model was highlighted with semi-matt varnish.

The wooden casing of the bathtub looks perfectly in a combination of white and gray color and also with furniture made of the same material.


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