Type: kitchen counter
Extra: Thickness of the countertop is 10 cm, width 60 cm, height 106 cm
Wood: amazaque
Finish: semi-matt varnish

The beautiful kitchen counter MS-21 from “Marchewka Stairs – Floors – Interiors” will be a final touch in the kitchen decor and give this room a unique character.

This kitchen counter was made of very high quality, precious wood amazakoue. This exotic raw material is obtained from trees growing in West Africa, which reach a height of up to 20 meters. The wood from these trees is easy to process and its smooth surface can be obtained quite quickly.

Amazakoue is wood:

  • resistant to harmful weather conditions, insects, mold,
  • protected from destruction by dangerous substances, such as acids.

This type of wood has an interesting brownish-olive color with dark brown accents. The MS-21 model has been additionally finished with a semi-matt varnish.

The kitchen counter MS-21 looks perfectly surrounded by furniture made in white or beige. It also blends well with the violet color, which perfectly emphasizes the color of the wood.

Dimensions: the width of this kitchen counter is 60 centimeters, its height is 106 centimeters, and the thickness of the countertop is 10 centimeters.



Piotrowice 125
55-311 Kostomłoty