Type: bathtub
Wood: kosipo

The MW-5 bathtub casing is recommended for customers who appreciate natural and original elements in interior design.

The wooden cover of the MW-5 bathtub from “Marchewka Stairs – Floors – Interiors” was made of
carefully selected raw Kosipo.

This type of wood is eagerly chosen by our clients. It is characterized by:

  • beautiful, deep wood color,
  • lighter abrasions on the surface, which are beautifully opalescent, both in the sun and in artificial lighting.

Kosipo wood is a very good choice for rooms with elevated humidity. It comes from an exotic tree and does not absorb water, is also hard and very thick. Kosipo contains essential oils that protect the color, as well as resin and tannins that perfectly impregnating this raw material.

Remember to properly care for this type of wood. It should be cover them with oil and wax.

Wooden elements in the bathroom, for example a bathtub casing, are an ideal way to break the cold chrome or ceramic fittings.



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